Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rare Ebay Items

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Tomy Oliver with Red Coaches sold by a guy in the United States (Usually Oliver is sold in china or England)

Bids: 0
Cost Current: $12.99 + $3.75(Shipping)

Tomy Thomas Tank Engine Harold Heliport Train Set Plarail Figure Rare

Buy it Now Price only: $109 + $68

Rare Tomy Red Express Coach
Buy it Now Price: $12.99 + $2.99

Tomy Thomas Tank Engine Percy Circus Freight Wagons Train Set
Buy it Now: $50.00 + $31.00

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine Mountain Pounding Set

Buy it Now: $86.00 + $86.00

Tomy Trains Super Deluxe City Railway Set
Bids: 0
Current Cost: $89.00 + $20.00

Tomy Thomas Holiday Set
Bid: 0
Current Cost: $125.99 + $6.30
Buy it Now Cost: $145.99 + $6.30


Tomy Tomy Thomas Annie & Clarabel BLUSTRODE Sodor Island Set
Buy it Now: $109 + Free Shipping

Rare Japanese Decorative Tomy James
Buy it Now: $89 + Free Shipping

Tomy Thomas Tank Engine Shaky Suspension Bridge Train Car Set
Buy it Now: $134.00 + $58